Distance Belgrade – 230 km
Indications thyroid disorder, metabolic disorders and obesity, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, digestive disorders, exhaustion, anemia, asthma
Wellness &
hiking, mountaineering, horse-riding, mountain biking, paragliding, cross-country skiing, aromatherapy, massages, swimming pools, sauna
Accommodation Čigota Health Care, Hotel Mona 4*,
Garni Hotel Šimšir 3*, Hotel Olimp 4*, Hotel Palisad 4*, Hotel Iris 4*, Mećavnik – Kustendorf 3*
Medical Treatment Čigota Health Care


  • Zlatibor is located in southwestern Serbia, 230 km apart from Belgrade.
    Zlatibor has been known as a mountain where people go for treatment and recreation since the distant past. The mountainous and Mediterranean air currents meet in Zlatibor, creating the micro climate that makes this mountain known as the air spa with clean and dry air, low air pressure and rich ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight.
    The Čigota Health Care is the institution in Zlatibor where people come for treatment and rehabilitation. As the Balkan unique center for treating thyroid disorders, Čigota specializes in endocrinology, nuclear and physical medicine, as well as programs for body weight regulations.


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