Fishing Season: 1th March – 30th September


River Gradac, has it source at the foot of the Povlen Mt, in western Serbia, 100 km from Belgrade. Gradac is the cleanest river in Serbia and internationally recognized as one of the cleanest river in Europe.
The Gradac canyon is protected as a natural reserve because of its outstanding features – great beauty, rich forest, specific flora and fauna (more than 800 plant species and 100 bird species).
The tradition of fly-fishing on the River Gradac dates back more than a century.
The Gradac canyon is only 11 km long, varying in width from 5 to 20 m with an average depth of 1 m. The entire river flow is ideal for fly fishing and is Catch and Release.
In Gradac karst salmonid water can be found brown trout and grayling. The largest trophy brown trout grow up to 70 cm, though they are usually from 20 to 45 cm. In addition to salmonids, other fish species such as brook barbell, chub, and whitefish are present.
Not far from the canyon, there is a guesthouse Tetrebovac with river view, that has great service and most organized fly fishing in the area. There you can find accommodation, rent fishing equipment and book fly fishing courses.


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