Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Tour Theme: Danube Gorge, UNESCO World Heritage Site (Felix Romuliana), Cultural Heritage, Nature Trip, Wine Tasting
Hotel Accommodation: Negotin


  • Day 1

    • Trip along the winding valley of Danube from Belgrade to Negotin, passing the Iron Gate with short breaks for landscape photography.
      The Danube Gorge’s major attraction is the Great Kazan (kazan meaning “vat”). The Danube  at Great Kazan narrows to 150 m and reaches a depth of up to 90 m.
    • Visit to medieval fortress Golubac and Mesolithic archeological site Lepenski Vir (Lepen Whirl)
    • Breakfast at the Kapetan Misin breg (Captain Misha’s Hill) with a great river view
    • Visit to the Rajac Wine Cellars, a unique architectural complex of small settlements near vineyards, built from the 18th to 20th century in Rajac, Negotin Region.
      Rajac wine cellars, called pivnice or pimnice, are made of cut stone by craftsmen from Macedonia in last two centuries. Apart from the place for winemaking and wine preservation, cellars were the winemakers’ residence during the harvest season.
    • Lunch and wine tasting at one of the Rajac cellars: Burgundy, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Gamay (red wines), Riesling and Chardonnay (white wines)
    • Hotel accommodation and overnight stay in Negotin

    Day 2

    • Visit to the ruins of the Imperial Roman Palace Felix Romuliana (UNESCO Cultural Heritage) in Gamzigrad. Palace was built by the Roman Emperor Galerius around 300 AD to glorify his victory over Persians and survived until the mid 5th century when it was ruined by the Huns.
    • Visit to the National Museum in Zaječar
    • Lunch break at one of the national restaurants.
    • Visit to the fortified Manasija (Resava) Monastery built in the early 15th century by Despot Stefan Lazarević, the ruler of Serbia.


    Place Hotel Nights Service
    Negotin  *3 2 BB
  • Included
    Foreign-language tour guide, transfer

    Not Included
    Hotel accommodation, lunch and wine tasting at the wine cellar, breakfast at Captain Misha’s Hill, lunch at the national restaurant, museum tickets, personal expenses

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